Eric Welsh

Music Producer/Engineer/Composer


"THE SHOW" was a company I co-started in late 2004 where I recorded live concerts in multi-track fashion and

then properly mixed and mastered the concerts at my recording studio.  I toured the world with:


The Pixies (Live Recording, Mix, Mastering Engineer)

Dead Can Dance (Live Recording, Mix, Mastering Engineer)


Some additional work with:


Fall Out Boy (Studio Recording and Mix Engineer for Compilation Record)

Laura Branigan (Studio Re-Mixing Engineer, Keyboards, R.I.P. Laura)

Ramallah (Studio Recording, Mix Engineer, Keyboards)

Steven Tyler with the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (Live Recording and Mix Engineer)


"DISC LIVE" is a company I helped launch off the ground back in 2002 as the Chief Recording Engineer. 

DiscLive recorded live concerts on site and made CD’s available directly after the show for customers. 

As the company grew, I started to expand with live multi-track mixing and mastering which I then perfected with The Show. 

Here are some of the artists I remember working with; I know I'm missing a few of them as there was a lot of touring back then.


Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra (Recording and Live Mastering Engineer)

Billy Idol (Recording and Live Mastering Engineer)

Kenny Loggins - Live from Foxwoods, MA (Live Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer)

The Doors of the 21st Century (Recording and Live Mastering Engineer)

Devo - Live from Central Park, NYC (Mixing and Mastering Engineer)

The Newsboys (Recording and Live Mastering Engineer)

Jefferson Starship (Live Recording)

Soulive (Live Recording)

Janita (Recording and Live Mastering Engineer)